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Gold.raiditem: Learn SWTOR 5.6.1 Updates Details & Buy SWTOR Credits Cheap Now

  • 2017-12-12 14:59:50
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Swtor players, are you expecting the new update Swtor 5.6.1? According to the official SWTOR website, Swtor 5.6.1 will be released on December 12 with servers offline. has gotten some details in this update as they are delayed from Swtor 5.6 to Swtor 5.6.1 or related with the last patch, including new Warzone, double event and tripled CXP from daily mission. Just read on!


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1. When will servers offline be for SWTOR 5.6.1 update?

SWTOR will be taking the servers offline at 4:00AM - 10:00AM PST (1200 - 1800 GMT) on Tuesday, December 12th in order to apply Swtor patch 5.6.1.

2. Main Updates & Changes will be added in Swtor 5.6.1

New Yavin Warzone: which was originally planned to come with Swtor 5.6, but then delayed to Swtor 5.6.1 for the reason that Swtor need just a little more time to really bring the new Yavin Warzone up to quality.
Swtor double event: which is pushed from Swtor 5.6 to Swtor 5.6.1 due to a scheduling conflict ingame. As an added bonus this will be an extended double event as we will run it from 12/12 – 1/1.
Tripled daily mission CXP: After the release of Swtor patch 5.6, Swtor Daily Areas grant a weekly mission and lose the Area completion daily. To compensate for players’ loss, in Swtor patch 5.6.1 all of the Planetary Heroic Missions and Daily Area Missions are going to have their CXP rewards tripled to 225 CXP per Mission (up from 75). The changes in 5.6.1 along with all of the other increased rewards can make players gain Command Ranks quicker than ever.

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