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  • 2017-12-26 18:29:01
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As a loyal fan of SWTOR, you must want plenty of SWTOR Credits to enhance your game. We know the importance of credits to players. So today gold.raiditem will bring some useful and easy tips to help you earn swtor credits fast. Just read on!

article as one of the professional and faithful SWTOR Credits for sale sellers would like to share wonderful SWTOR news and best experience with you to make your have a good time in game. Of course, if you don’t want to spend much time on farming, then come to gold.raiditem to buy cheap swtor credits us for saving your time. Now let’s learn the best guide as below:

1.If you are on a free-to-play account, you may pick up cool pieces of purple-bordered gear that say they require artifact authorization to equip - you can not equip it unless you are subscribed or have purchased the expensive artifact unlock. The good news is you don’t need great gear to do your class story - you can choose to sell that purple-bordered item or save it for if you subscribe later.. but you’ll likely out level it quickly.
2.Once you reach the fleet at about level 10, you’ll be able to buy and sell things on the GTN. Good things to sell include unbound gear, crafting materials, and companion gifts you don’t plan on using.
3.To search the GTN for a specific item you already own, shift left click the item while you have the GTN open – it will copy the items name into the search box. This is a great way to find out what something is worth and how much you should sell it for.
4.You can click the up and down arrows on the price and unit price on the GTN to sort by price and see the lowest prices
5.It’s not recommended to buy any gear with stats from the GTN until you hit max level, because you outgrow gear quickly and credits come a lot faster at max level
on a free to play account, you can’t unlock a speeder that allows you to travel faster until level 25. There are two places to get an inexpensive speeder – check the GTN under the category Mount then sort from lowest to highest, and also check the speeder vendor in the Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet, who has speeders for as low as 8,000 credits.
6.You can also gain a free speeder from running The Esseles or The Black Talon in story mode, the first flashpoint you gain access to around level 10 on the fleet.

For more guide please continue to pay attention to our website, we will update the latest news and tips later. If you need to buy SWTOR Credits with cheap price, gold.raiditem is definitely your best option. Reasonable price, safe and fast delivery are the reason why most players choose us. What are you waiting for? Just have a try.