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New SWTOR Special Items for Sale in Cartel Market- Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-04 14:58:58
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To celebrate the July 4, the Star Wars: The Old Republic offers players some special items and discounts. They are all time-limited, you can only get them before July 8. We make a list about these items for you, you can learn the details first before you decide to buy one.


It's super important to check your SWTOR credits before you read this list. Although the official offers you a discount, it still costs you lots of credits to buy them. Check your credits to make sure that if you can afford. If you can, then buy the items you want immediately. If you can't, then buy SWTOR credits first. Don't worry that you'll spend lots of money to buy them, offers you the cheapest credits. Find more details on our website. It's time to reveal the list for you now.

Celebration mishap

- Bring your celebrations to epic proportions with the fireworks available in the Celebration Mishap Toy.

- Beginning on July 3, 2018 

- 380 Cartel Coins

Music therapy

- Boosting your celebrations, and your health, with the Music Therapy Probe

- Beginning on July 3, 2018 

- 25% off, now 1800 Cartel Coins

Hutt cantina skiff speeder 

- Relax and enjoy your travels through the galaxy in the luxurious Hutt Cantina Skiff Speeder

- Beginning on July 3, 2018

- 10% off, now 1350 Cartel Coins

Shikaakwan royalty armor set 

- Inspired by Hadiya, the Twi'lek queen of Shikaakwa, this luxurious armor set will make you feel like royalty.

- Beginning on July 3, 2018

- 1440 Cartel Coins

Emote: Celebrate 

- Start the celebrations with the Celebrate Emote and show-off your moves.

- Beginning on July 3, 2018

- 125 Cartel Coins

Galactic command tuning

- Personalize your favorite weapons with the Galactic Command Tuning and stand out among your troops.

- Beginning on July 3, 2018

- 40% off, now1080 Cartel Coins

Appearance options: Expanded Selections

- The Expanded Selections unlocks additional customization options for the Human, Cathar, Cyborg, Chiss, Mirialan, Sith and Miraluka species.

- Beginning on July 3, 2018

- 50% off, 240 Cartel Coins each

After read this list, did you make up your mind to buy which one? If you can't make your choice, then buy them all. Gold.raiditem has your back. You'll never run out of your credits and cartel coins. You know you can buy cheap swtor credits on our website. Feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to hear from you.