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SWTOR 5.9.3 Release Date And New Double XP Event -

  • 2018-09-19 15:28:47
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BioWare has announced the release date of SWTOR 5.9.3. Fame and Fortune bring a map of Vandin Warzone. A new Double XP event will also be launched next month!


SWTOR Update 5.9.3 seems to be the last addition to Star Wars: Summer of PvP for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It brings a new Huttball Warzone PvP map in Vandin. Game update 5.9.3 will be available on Wednesday, September 26th. Another consideration is double XP. For more information please pay attention to, we will update the latest news and changes of SWTOR.

Recently, every major game update has been accompanied by the Double XP event. SWTOR is no exception. The next Double XP event will begin on October 2nd and will end on October 9.

In addition, the next focus of the SWTOR team will be the beginning of a new narrative. Game Update 5.10 - Jedi Under Siege is expected to announce at some point in late November or early December that these events will take us to a brand new SWTOR planet. Although the name is still confidential, a lot of tips have been provided, and the planet should be Ossus. The style of this new story is similar to that we got in Game Update 5.2 - Ivan's Battle, but has different missions for Empire and Republic players. Gold.raiditem is definitely the best place for you to buy swtor credits. We will do best to offer you cheap swtor credits for sale.

SWTOR Creative Director Charles Boyd confirms the upcoming game update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege new storyline will provide different missions for Empire and Republic players.

Game update 5.10 "Jedi Under Siege" will take us to Star Wars: The Old Republic planet. This is an ancient Jedi world that was destroyed and paralyzed. This planet will appear in the game for the first time, but in fact it has been established in the "Star Wars Legend" series with the Jedi legend series.

Game Update 5.10 "Jedi Under Siege" will be released in the fall of 2018. This is the final update of the game in 2018 (not the last one). Want to Get a wonderful equipment for Swtor 5.10 ? You need to use Swtor credits to buy them and enchance your character. Gold.raiditem is the best choice to get cheap and safe swtor credits.