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ESO News: Live On August 17 And The Upcoming Expansion -

  • 2018-08-16 16:14:46
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Hey Guys! Want to know what's new with Elder Scrolls Online this week? Yes, you guessed it, ESO LIVE will start tomorrow. In addition, Elder Scrolls Online is preparing a music box for your house.


ESO Live will begin at 6 pm EST on August 17. Enter the Hunting Grounds as the team takes on one of Wolfhunter’s two new dungeons, the March of Sacrifices, live on stream! Will they prevail against Hircine’s beasts? Watch ESO Live this Friday to find out! If you want to buy eso items, please visit our site:

ESO Live Is Coming On Friday

Join ESO Live this Friday at 6:00PM EDT as ESO team developers takes part in Hircine’s Great Hunt and attempts to clear the all-new March of Sacrifices dungeon.

As the team hunts the Great Indrik Tarcyr (and are in turn hunted themselves), Mike will discuss the dungeon’s design and challenges for those who like to play on both Normal and Veteran difficulties. Throughout the show, the team will also answer your questions, run a few giveaways, and have Twitch Drops enabled, so don’t forget to link your PC/Mac accounts before it starts.

The hunt begins this Friday, August 17 at 6:00PM EDT on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. Don’t miss out! In Elder Scrolls Online, TESO Gold is usually very necessary for gamers to do their quests.

Elder Scrolls Online Is Getting Music Boxes

The Elder Scrolls Online is getting music boxes for your house with the release of an upcoming expansion.

With the release of Murkmire, an expansion that takes us to the swampy Argonian homeland, players will be able to buy a music box for their house and play iconic Elder Scrolls tunes.This will arrive along with a bunch of new music written by composer Brad Derrick.

This is a cool thing, players will be able to buy music boxes for their house and play the iconic Elder Scrolls tunes. In addition, you can also see all the ESO news and useful guides from the best eso items store. Thus we welcome you to buy TESO Gold and enjoy the best service here.