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The Upcoming ESO Expansion Murkmire Preview -

  • 2018-08-21 15:13:51
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During QuakeCon 2018, we got a chance to sit down and see a mission from the upcoming ESO expansion, Murkmire.


Bethesda released the latest DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online; Wolfhunter, just a few days ago. However, the studio has already debuted the first demo of the next upcoming DLC, Murkmire, at QuakeCon; the second of the two DLCs which were announced earlier this year at E3. While Wolfhunter is a smaller DLC, Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire is a major region expansion.The following is the details of Murkmire by gold.raiditem. Keep in mind cheap TESO Gold for sale at

Murkmire takes us to the homeland of the Argonians, the reptilian race from Bethesda’s RPG series. We were shown swampland, massive areas to explore, and one of the new, trap-filled, puzzle-focused quests.

The quest came from a new faction which will debut with the DLC; the Cyrodiilic Collections Agency. This scholarly organisation is similar to a museum, and collects important relics and curios for historical study. In Murkmire, the Agency is interested in ancient Argonian artifacts.

It was said by ESO creative director Rich Lambert that Argonians bone might lick a tree. The Hist are a race of sentient saplings and the Argonians live in a symbiotic relationship with them. They can survive outside of the Hist, but they go a little funny in the head when they do that. If you go through all the lore, there’s a bunch of different ways of describing how they act and how they talk to each other. Buy TESO items at gold.raiditem you will enjoy the lowest price eso gold or fast eso gold, 5min delivery is guaranteed!

In the Elder Scrolls Online, there’s an Argonian shaman who communicates with the trees through visions, and we’ll get to see a glimpse of these visions. We’ll also get to see how babies get made.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to find out for sure how Argonians bump uglies you should probably buy ESO Murkmire. If you are interested in this article, here's all the Elder Scrolls online news and everything you need to know at gold.raiditem.

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