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ESO: Great Daily Rewards Await You in September-

  • 2018-08-28 11:46:00
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We all know that daily rewards were introduced with Update 18. You are able to get consumables, currencies, Crown Crates, and even pets. But things are different in September this time. Then what will you get form the September daily rewards?


Based on the information know, in September you can still get the rewards mentioned above. In addition, you can also get eso gold and more. Let’s check the details together below.

During the month of September, developers decide to give players a massive amount of gold. If you log in for 28 of September's 30 days, you'll earn a colossal 100,000 gold. This is the most gold you've ever been able to receive for a single activity in the game, and it has the potential to dramatically change your in-game fortunes! Therefore, you must seize chance. If you don't think these gold are enough for you, you are highly welcomed to buy eso gold on without registration. 

Besides, September features a host of other incredible rewards throughout the entire month. Day 21 of September's rewards will grant you the Skald’s Damask Jerkin costume, allowing you to don the garb of Riften royalty. It also features two Wild Hunt Crown Crates on day 7 and three 150% XP Scrolls on day 14. September is set to be the biggest month of Daily Rewards ever!

You must login and claim the prerequisite amount of days to unlock the specific eso items. When you log in, you'll see your available item waiting to be claimed in the announcement panel. You can claim it right there or when you log out. You can also navigate to the "Daily Rewards" section of the Crown Store to claim your items, view future rewards, and see how many days are left before it resets. 

Notice: In order to be eligible for future rewards, you must claim your currently available daily item. If you do not claim a daily reward, the month's rewards will not progress.

All details of this wonderful event are revealed . Please stay tuned on for further information. You can also buy eso items on our website at the cheapest price. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.