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Preview ESO Murkmire New Contents on

  • 2018-09-27 11:50:28
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As an untamed land, Murkmire is full of danger and mysteries. And you are going to explore this challenging land soon. We shared the features of Murkmire previously, recently more contents have been released. Today, you can have a preview of all these new contents in this article.


Based on the information know, in this new zone, you can make contact with various Argonian tribes and explore the diverse aspects of Argonian culture. Therefore, you may need to buy TESO gold to enhance yourself for the unknown challenges and new contents.

New Adventures & Rewards

There's a world of adventure you can experience in Murkmire, including two new world bosses, two delves, and a huge amount of stand-alone quests. "With our non-main story content, we try to emphasize different elements of what Murkmire can be as an adventuring site," says Stark. "And just like any zone in ESO, we want players to experience the history and culture of its native race."

In different ways, each unique activity reveals a different aspect of the region's history and culture. All of this helps you build your knowledge and appreciation for the Argonians and Black Marsh, making it ideal for both hardcore lore fans and new players alike. Of course, in addition to expanding your knowledge, the zone comes with a host of fantastic in-game rewards. When completing quests, dailies, and more, you can earn three unique gear sets in addition to three more you can create for yourself at various crafting stations. This includes the Grave-Stake Collector set that can provide a nice boost to your resource pools.

Except that, Murkmire is definitely a world full of danger. Some of the most dangerous parts of Murkmire are also its most beautiful, and as you explore this world, you should mind your surroundings. The deep swamp is home to many unique creatures and plant life, some benign, but some also quite lethal. So, you'd better buy eso items in advance in case that you need help while exploring this world.

In your journeys through Murkmire, you can encounter your fair share of giant alligators and salamanders, but the zone is also host to a broad selection of all-new creatures, too. Some of these monsters appear to fit perfectly within the zone's natural environment, but others might seem like aberrations. Everything you find in Murkmire fits into the rest of the zone in some logical way, and wherever you go, you're bound to encounter something unique, beautiful, but also potentially very dangerous.

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