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Do You Know About The Zookeeper Created by Voxicity

  • 2017-06-16 17:51:14
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Welcome to, which is the best site for The Elder Scrolls Online Gold. You can get full stock of eso gold with a lower price here. Besides that, the latest ESO news also available on our site. What I want to tell you for today is Zookeeper, which is a new build created by Voxicity.


Here are some details of The Zookeeper from official site.
The Zookeeper commands an army of loyal minions to fight for them, dealing devastating burst damage to enemy players and monsters. This build is aimed at those who fight in the Alliance War; however, it performs great for overland content too. Whatever, eso gold must be necessary in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Here are the details of armor and weapons. Hat and Shoulder - Tremorscale/Maw of the Infernal/Selene. These Undaunted sets that can be found in their respective dungeons (Veteran Volenfell for Tremorscale, Veteran Banished Cells II for Maw of the Infernal, and Veteran Selene's Web for Selene) and in Undaunted chests by using Pledge Keys. Traits and enchantments: All items should have Impenetrable traits with Health enchantment on the hat and Stamina on the shoulder.

Arms, Legs, Boots, Waist, and Chest - Bone Pirate's Tatters Set
This set combined with the Dubious Cameron Throne drink gives the build great Stamina Recovery while also retaining high Maximum Stamina. This set can be found in the normal Blackheart Haven dungeon. Traits and enchantments: Impenetrable traits with Health enchantment on the legs and chest and Stamina on arms, boots, and waist.

Primary Weapon, Shield, and Jewelry - Viper's Sting Set
Channel the strength of your inner serpent to deal instant damage to your enemy when hitting them with melee attacks! This set can be found in the normal Fungal Grotto and Fungal Grotto II dungeons. Traits and enchantments: For the weapon, use the Sharpened trait to improve penetration. For the shield, impenetrable is best; however, most other traits work fine, too. Enchant the weapon with Weapon Damage to increase damage even further.

Secondary weapon – Viper's Sting Set / Maelstrom
For the secondary weapon, try to find a Maelstrom two-hander with the Defending trait, a Defending Viper's Sting two-hander, or any random Defending two-hander. To find a Maelstrom weapon, you need to complete veteran Maelstrom Arena (no small task). Traits and enchantments: This will mostly just be your buff bar, so the Defending trait as mentioned above works great. Enchant with Poison or Disease if using a Viper's Sting weapon, or use a poison potion if you have a Maelstrom weapon.

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