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The Elder Scrolls Online Rolls Out Dragon Bones, New Features Added

  • 2018-02-26 15:52:18
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The Elder Scroll Online Dragon Bones DLC is now live, and players are able to enjoy the online world of Tamriel in ESO. The update 17 is free and available on both PC and MAC. It rolls out along site with a lot of new features including new dungeons, outfitting, home storage, a new level-up experience, combat improvements, and two new battlegrounds.


Two new dungeons have been added to Dragon Bones DLC pack: Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair. Also there will be a dragon to fight, and you will get a dragon priest mask as soon as you set foot in one of dungeons. More features will be explained in the this post. More than that, provides you with full stock of The Elder Scrolls Online Gold and eso items at the cheapest price. You are going to enjoy fast delivery and 100% security when buy eso gold here. 

Regarding to other features added to Dragon Bones, outfit system introduced allow you to customize your character’s appearance to what you like no matter what gear they are wearing. If you have enough eso gold, you can pay gold to change the look of your helmet, chest, shoulders, hands, waist, legs, feet and weapon individually. You can head on over to the official website to find the details. 

Besides, Home storage. You are able store bankable items in your home for the first time via storage containers. When you level a character up to level 18, you will will get your first storage and also can purchase extras from vendors. The feature provides you an opportunity to lock items away safely in your home with homestead housing system. 
In addition to the features mentioned above, Combat Improvements. These changes “include improvements to Synergies, the removal of area-of-effect caps, changes to block costs, changes to cast-time abilities and interrupts, and changes to how Heavy Attacks and the Off Balance mechanic work.”Lastly, a new skill advisor too also helps you pick character advancement, character’s build and use of gameplay mechanics, and two new PvP battlegrounds: Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome are available to players that own TESO: Morrowind.

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