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Want to Know ESO Update 19 Details? Check Them Out on Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-13 14:47:53
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Previously we shared the details of ESO new game pack "Wolfhunter", as mentioned in that article, Update 19 will be released with the game pack. So today, we are going to share the Update 19 details for you to understand what's new in the upcoming update and what to expect.


With the new update comes lots of new challenges. It's wise to buy eso gold to be prepared in advance. Why buying eso gold instead of farming it in game? Because as you know, farming it in game can be really slow and boring. And make it cheap, fast and safe to buy eso gold online. It's obviously more convenient. You can have a try after you read this article.

Let's check out what you'll experience in ESO once Update 19 is released. 

Istirus Outpost

This is a new battleground located along Cyrodiil's southwest border, and features fortified stone structures and walls that should seem familiar to those who fight in the Alliance War. Istirus Outpost has some unique twists that set it apart from other arenas. It's the first Battleground to allow players to mount. This will bring a faster pace to the arena, but it will also be welcome relief for Stamina PvPers who no longer need to expend resources to get to the fight. Also, the map is only semi-symmetrical, meaning how you navigate the arena will differ depending on your team. 

AvA Changes and Additions

Update 19 also shakes up the open-world PvP of the Alliance War with the addition of Keep Recall Stones. These new eso items give you and your fellow warriors the ability to traverse Cyrodiil like never before. Finally, Update 19 reintroduces keep degradation and condenses both the levels for Keeps and Resources. With these changes, it is as important as ever to capture Resources, giving small group or solo players meaningful ways to contribute to the war. Keep an eye out for new AvA and Battlegrounds rewards, too, including the Gladiator costume and all-new Battlegrounds Outfit styles!

Respec 2.0

You will be able to make smaller, more precise changes to your Skills thanks to the updated respec system. With this update, when you reset your Skill Points, you are able to remove Skills individually and are not forced to re-add all of them from scratch, much like how you respec your Champion Points. You can clear all your Skill Points like normal if desired, but this new system will mean that if you only want to make a small change to your character's Abilities, you can!

Werewolves Updated

Update 19 changes place an emphasis on improving their ferocity and momentum in combat, and they affect both the Skill Line's Passive and Active Abilities. For example, the Blood Rage Passive will now increase the duration of your transformation when you deal damage instead of when you take it, and the Roar Active Ability is now instant cast.

There are many more updates, improvements, and fixes coming with Update 19, and we will continually update new changes for you all. Now you can enjoy the current version and farming more TESO gold to prepare for the new version. You can visit gold.raiditem when you have problems in game. We will offer you our help as soon as possible.