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The Elder Scrolls Online Wolfunter DLC New Pack & Update 19 Now Live - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-08-31 15:10:44
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The Elder Scrolls: Online is celebrating Halloween in advance with the new Wolfhunter Dungeon DLC package, which brings two new dungeons, a new battlefield and PVP type, and a base game update for the skill point respec system and the werewolf-type enemy.


We are pleased to announce that the Wolfhunter DLC Game Pack and the Update 19 base-game Patch are now available on all platforms, including PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC/Mac. Find all the information you need to know about this new adventure and update 19 in our release article. If you need a lot of TESO Gold, just come and buy TESO Gold with cheap prices and fast delivery at gold.raiditem.

Two ferocious new dungeons: Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices

Moon Hunter Keep

The very beasts they hunt have overwhelmed the proud Order of the Silver Dawn, and their headquarters known as Moon Hunter Keep has fallen. You and your team must infiltrate the keep, destroy the monsters that now roam its fortifications, and put a stop to the terrible plans of the elder werewolf known as Vykosa. is ranked high during searching TESO Gold or eso items for sale in Google.

March of Sacrifices

On rare occasion, the Daedric Prince Hircine allows a chosen few mortals to cross into his realm and compete in the Great Hunt. Gather your fellow warriors and prepare to stalk the wilds of the March of Sacrifices. The rewards for victory are great, but be warned: your fellow hunters will do anything to win, including hunting their fellow competitors!

Both new dungeons will be available in Normal and Veteran difficulties (in addition to a Veteran Hard Mode option) and come with a host of unique rewards and collectibles including new gear sets, monster masks, skins, mementos, and more.

Meanwhile, Update 19 is a free update to the base game for all ESO players which includes an all-new Battlegrounds map, AvA additions for PvP players, and some quality of life improvements.

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The PVP changes include:

Istirus Outpost (Battleground)

This new arena is located along Cyrodiil’s southwest border, and features fortified stone structures and walls that should seem familiar to those who fight in the Alliance War. Istirus Outpost, however, has some unique twists that set it apart from other arenas. Firstly, the map is only semi-symmetrical, meaning how you navigate the arena will differ depending on your team.

AvA Changes and Additions

Update 19 also shakes up the open-world PvP of the Alliance War with the addition of Keep Recall Stones. These new items give you and your fellow warriors the ability to traverse Cyrodiil like never before. Finally, Update 19 reintroduces keep degradation and condenses both the levels for Keeps and Resources.

Update 19 has a number of other changes, fixes and improvements. If you're interested, check out the full news on The Elder Scrolls Online's official website. At the same time, gold.raiditem welcomes players to buy eso items and TESO Gold on our website. I believe we will never let you down.