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Two Outfits Will Be Sold At The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store On September 13th - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-09-04 16:03:12
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Recently Bethesda announced an important offer for online players of The Elder Scrolls Online; players who play the game throughout September will receive 100,000 gold coins and new daily rewards. To coincide with this, the studio has now released a demonstration of a new project that will appear in the Crown Store this month.


In September, two new outfits will be added to The Elder Scrolls Online online Crown Store: Forge-Wife's Impervious Frock and the Vengeance Day Dress. Forge-Wife's Frock, spun from non-flammable gray scathecraw fibers, protects you from cinders, soot, hot embers, and even spatters of molten metal. Hot! Meanwhile, the more stately Vengeance Day Dress emphasizes an Orc custom, Malacath's Vengeance Day is coming up soon. Of course, you can buy these two outfits in the store. If you need to buy TESO Gold in the game, is also a good place.

One day prior to the costume release is that of a new Crown Crafting Motif; the Welkynar Style. That is the only new Crafting Motif coming in September, but there is a major new Outfit Style - the Shadowrend Arms Pack. This pack will become available in the Crown Store near the end of September, the 26th until the 31st of October. During the same window, the Shadowrend Mask Style Page could drop from the Veteran Banished Cells I dungeon boss. The Shadowrend Shoulder Style Page could drop from Maj al-Ragath’s Undaunted Chest.

New Furnishings, Mounts, and Pets

The only new furniture pack in September is scheduled to release on the 13th, but will only be available for a few days, until the 17th of September. This pack is the Coldharbor Arcanaeum Furnishing Pack - a selection of furnishings for the true connoisseur of Molag Bal’s darkest secrets! Buy eso items with more discounts at now!

The Coldharbor Arcanaeum is the Only New Furnishing Pack in September

As for mounts and pets, September will see the addition of several to the Crown Store. The Imperial War Horse Mount will be available for a brief period from the 3rd of September to the 6th. During the same period, the Imperial War Mastiff Pet will also be available. The Packlord Nightmare Wolf Mount, and the Nightmare Wolf Cub Pet will be available from the 27th of September to the 3rd of October. Finally, the Fawn Echalette Pet will become available from the 13th of September. And TESO Gold and eso items for sale also available at!

The Nightmare Wolf Packlord Will Be Added as a New Mount

The Moon-Sugar Festival Suit and Jarl’s Deluxe Moot Regalia Costumes, along with the Daedrat and Sep Adder Pets will be removed from the Crown Store on the 24th of September at 3:00PM BST.

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