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The Elder Scrolls Online Daily Reward For September -

  • 2018-09-06 15:24:12
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Hello everyone! Sign in to The Elder Scrolls Online in September to unlock incredible 100,000 coins and more for your account. Find out all the details here!


In September, The Elder Scrolls Online will give you a lot of TESO Gold. If you log in the game on September, you will receive a huge amount of 100,000 eso gold. This is the most gold coin you get in a single event in the game, it can greatly change the fate of your game! Of course, in addition to gold, September offers many other incredible rewards throughout the month. Let's take a look at these rewards with

On the seventh day, log in to The Elder Scrolls Online will showcase two Wild Hunt Crown Crates. On the 14th day, three 150% XP Scrolls will be shown for you. The September 21st reward will be awarded to Skald's Damask Jerkin costume. Wear Riften royal clothing. The Elder Scrolls Online ensures that September is the biggest month of daily rewards!

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What’s more, don't forget that to unlock a specific item, you must first log in and apply for the number of days for the prerequisites. When you log in to The Elder Scrolls Online, you will see the available items waiting to be announced in the Announcement panel. You can declare it there or when you quit. You can also navigate to the Crown Rewards section of the Crown Store to pick up your merchandise, view future rewards, and see the number of days remaining before resetting. In order to qualify for future rewards, you must apply for a daily project that is currently available. If you do not apply for a daily reward, the reward for that month will not be available.

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