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Elder Scrolls Online: MurkMire Expansion Will Come With Update 20 -

  • 2018-09-14 15:11:11
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Murkmire is a paid DLC that will be released with the update 20, which introduces important changes to several gaming systems. According to the latest news released by ESO, Murkmire DLC will be available for free to players who visit Tamriel in November.


We already know that Murkmire is the home of the Argonians, ESO’s playable race of intelligent lizards but not much is known about them. Now we will share with you more details about Murkmire and some of the changes introduced by Update 20. If you have any need to buy eso items and TESO Gold, don't miss out on the best TESO Gold seller


The DLC includes a new zone populated with swamps, jungles, overgrown temples and Imperial ruins. It sounds like you might run into Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft around the next bend in the trail.

Murkmire has all the gameplay features you expect from one of ESO’s story-driven DLC packs. One of ESO’s great strengths is its consistently high-quality storytelling and I expect that tradition will continue with Murkmire. The DLC pack includes numerous side quests along with a main  story quest involving the search for a lost artifact of cultural significance to the Argonians. More information of The Elder Scrolls Online you can check at!

Update 20

Update 20 introduces an important change to the three-sided PvP conflict that takes place in ESO’s centrally located Cyrodill zone. That challenge will become more nuanced with Update 20’s addition of destructible bridges and Milegates.

Update 20 is also focused on improving the housing system. In addition, a new Music Box furnishing lets you play some of ESO’s terrific music while you’re visiting your house.

The Update also includes some form of Class rebalancing that’s yet to be revealed. If you need to buy TESO Gold for the new update, gold.raiditem is the best place.

Finally, Update 20 promises counterplay moves for Damage Shield Abilities, improvements to the Light and Medium Armor passives, and the ability to reorder your characters on the log-in screen.

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