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The Elder Scrolls Online Twitch Drops Schedule In September -

  • 2018-09-20 15:27:29
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The Elder Scrolls Online officially reported that they will complete more Twitch Drops for the Elder Scrolls Online in September. Below is a September timeline to see when they can enable some of your favorite streaming media.


In this article, you'll find the Twitch Drops program for the rest of September. Don't forget, Twitch Drops is currently only available for PC / Mac, you must first link to your account. Please note that the following schedules are subject to change and addition, and Twitch Drops redemption may take several hours. More Twitch Drops for The Elder Scrolls Online can be found at

How Do You Link Your ESO Account To Twitch?

Log into your ESO account at

Click the Linked Accounts link on the left side of the page

Click the Link Twitch Account button (This button will not be there if you play on a console.)

A Twitch window will appear

Please note: if you are sharing a computer with other ESO players, be sure you are logged into the correct Twitch account before click the Link Twitch Account button.

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ESO Live & Official Bethesda Streams

Tune into our official ESO Live show on Twitch for at least 10 minutes:

ESO Live, Summerfall Special: September 21, 7:30-8:30PM BST

Drops will start to go out at the conclusion of the stream

ESO Live: September 27, 11:00PM-12:00AM BST (watch longer for a chance at multiple Drops!)

Drops will start to go out at the conclusion of the stream

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All ESO Streamers

On the following days, tune into any channel streaming ESO for at least 10 minutes for a chance to receive a Drop each day:

Summerfall Event: September 20 at 3:00PM BST through September 28 at 12:00AM BST

Drops will go out each day beginning on September 21 at 3:00PM BST

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