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The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Update: Battlegrounds Introduced

  • 2017-04-10 14:01:37
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The new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind will arrive on June 6. As usual, it will introduce a series of new content and features including a distinct map, new modes, and a reward system. In this new update, players need to go to Morrowind region to save Vivec (a city) from the meteor by helping demigod reclaim his power.


The new PvP mode to come will allow players to take part in a battle against one another. Want to buy TESO Gold? is definitely the best choice for you!

The "4v4v4 PvP mode battlegrounds" will feature four arenas where up to 12 players can fight one another. With this PvP mode, players are allowed to team up in groups of three, the most basic being the "Team Death Match." And most players are just looking forward to the release of it.

Other PvP modes that will be available soon are "Capture the Flag" and "Domination." In "Capture the Flag," teams need to seize the flag of the other teams in order to earn points, while in "Domination," players need to attack other teams while strategically defending their respective locations in the arena.

There would be three additional maps that would ideally support the three new game modes set to be released.

One of the maps would be like a dwemer ruin, which would primarily focus on the game's verticality. The said map reportedly looks like a bowl that players would go into. Towers would also be visible that users could play with.

The second map is named "Ularra," which is described as more overgrown than the others. Unlike the first one, the said map would be like a daedric ruin. This is a great avenue for users to capture, hold, and control. Also, a platform on its center would be visible where players can use to teleport.

The Last is the Foyada Quarry map. This map would be a wide space for the users to easily maneuver. Unlike the other maps, there would not be a lot of pillars. However, there is a platform on its middle part on top of the lava. 

According to reports, the upcoming content pack will also introduce a new class called Warden. This will reportedly be the first class to be introduced in the game since the launch of "The Elder Scrolls Online." Warden is a magic-based class that has the ability to control plants through elemental magic. The highlight of this class is reportedly its War Bear companion.

While players of the game are still allowed to apply the ability customization system of the game, the Warden only gets a power boost when the player makes use of Warden-specific abilities.

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