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Elder Scroll Online Gold With 10% Bonus - The Witches Festival comes on October 20th

  • 2017-10-17 18:57:44
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2017 Halloween is on the way, you can enjoy the biggest discount in advance at You will get an extra 10 bonus with each order of buying ESO gold during October 13-October 31.


Besides, the official site releases that the players are able to take part in the Witches Festival which starts on Friday, October 20th. Now it is the best time to buy ESO gold to enjoy the best at gold.raiditem.

The Witches Festival will run from this Friday to November 1. And players will earn a 100% XP buff as well as the chances to obtain a polymorph into one of the undead. In addition, there are a number of themed items to be earned by helping keep the world's monsters away.

During Delves, Group Dungeons, Public Dungeons, Trials, Arenas, Dark Anchors and by defeating World Bosses, players will pick up Plunder Skulls that can be traded for items including Runeboxes that contain masks, Witches Festival recipes, furniture and other items and more.

Mark down the date and remember to take part in the event to have a difference experience in the new update. What’s more, it is time to buy TESO gold from gold.raiditem! We are offering you the best discount for Halloween and it will only last for 16 days. 10% Bonus is available for all the players who buy eso gold and eso items here. Besides, all of the TESO gold is 100% manually made and 100% secure. So no more hesitation and take the chance!