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The Elder Scroll Online Update: Combat Change, Daily Reward and Crown Store Gifting

  • 2018-04-28 17:11:00
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According to The Elder Scroll Online official website, Update 18 will arrive in June, and it will be available for all players. Don’t worry if you have not purchased ESO: Summerset, because every player is able to enjoy the new features and improvements in ESO. ​


The update 18 includes a bunch of additions and improvements, like Daily rewards, combat changes, and Grown store gifting. Here is a brief preview of update 18 for The Elder Scroll Online game. is the most trustworthy site offering a full stock of ESO items with the most acceptable price. With a large amount of ESO gold in your pocket, you will speed up your progression and upgrade your gameplay experience with benefits.

As for the the new features and changes in Update 18, please read on:
Players will receive a reward when they log in the game everyday. The reward can be various things that you need in the game, like currencies, consumables, Crown Crates, and collectibles. In the very first month, you event can receive a new pet. As the month rolls, DLR will reset with the tally of days as cumulative total rather than a consecutive one.      

Crown Store gifting features - You can send nearly everything in the Crown Store to friends. The option to Purchase a Gift will be clearly marked on items that can be sent. It is, however an ability that needs to be unlocked.  

Combat changes  
- two-handed weapons will now count for two item set bonuses
- changes are being implemented to "improve the viability of tank and healer roles for all classes"
- basic attacks will become more distinct: Light Attacks deal damage while Heavy Attacks restore resource

So what do you think of these new features and additions in update 18? New features seems to be awesome for most players. Anyway, if you want to enjoy the best part of the Elder Scroll Online, try your best to farm more eso gold, because your economy status do affect how to play the game as well as how far you can break through in the game. Our suggestion is that you can buy eso items or TESO gold cheap and safe from the most trustworthy website, Best service and cheap rate are offered. By the way, you can also find FFXIV gil, Blade and Soul gold, RS gold and other popular in-game currency. Try now!