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The Secret World Legends New Patch: Get Fun with Snowball Fights & Earn Achievements

  • 2017-12-20 16:30:20
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According to the official announcement of The Secret World Legends, the game has embraced a new update which brings the Krampusnacht winter event into the game that will run through January 2nd. New daily event rewards await, including a free pet and emote for logging in!


Another message like to share is that The Secret World Gold is hot sale for you Legends journey! Get in on the fun with snowball fights with your friends and earn achievements! That means players can now get a new look for the new year. And thanks to the opening of Ockham's Razor. Players can change makeup, hair and facial features. Modern Prometheus (Plastic Surgeon) allows for even more customization alterations to head, skin and eyes.

Who's that dancing on the icy roof – stamping on the ramping with a cloven hoof?  The Krampus Gate has swung open, ushering an invasion of a foe most hairy and vile: The Krampus! These enemies spawn throughout the world, seeking to sow yuletide dread–defeat them and take the battle to Niflheim itself!

Hel, queen of Niflheim, has arrived in two forms: one as the guardian of her realm, and another as a grand encounter within Agartha. Those that summon her in Niflheim can try their hand in two difficulty modes, while those in Agartha may fight the giantess in all her glory through hourly public raids.  Overcome the odds and earn seasonal rewards!

The new Winter Cache is now dropping across the world! This arctic and frost-themed cache features a new Outfit, Pet, Mount, and a full set of Extraordinary Weapons!

Winter Cache replaces Haunted Cache drops in the world. Haunted Cache, as with all previous caches, may still be traded and opened for their advertised contents.

Defend the world from an icy invasion in groups and hourly public raids! Earn new daily login rewards. Just buy The Secret World Pax Romana and  enjoy all things given in this happy holiday including exclusive seasonal achievements, legends, and cosmetics abound. In addition, rooted in game field, gold.raiditem also provide other sorts of game currency like Riders of Icarus Gold and Aion Kinah.  We always focus on iproving our service so as to help you more. Once you have any need, visit!