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Reveal the Chaotic Truth in Toram Online Now!-

  • 2018-08-02 12:00:30
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According to the official website of Toram online, a new chapter is beginning. The final mission "Chaotic Truth" of Chapter 7 "Upheaval in Ultimea" is finally released. What will happen when you try to complete new mission? What new features will come alongside the new chapter? You can find the answer below.


Based on the information know, a strong new boss and new map will be added in this chapter. Once you slay it, you will get lots of toram online gold and many other items. Therefore, this new boss will be hard to defeat. You may need to buy toram gold in case you can't defeat it. If you are strong enough, then there is nothing to worry about. 

It's time to reveal the new features of new chapter fro you. The details are below.

Raid Battle

You can play Raid Battle with 2 parties, it is available on the boss monster in the latest mission. The second party can enter the battle after the first party enters the battle field. Please note that 2nd party has to enter within certain period of time after the battle begins, and the boss has to be remaining certain amount of HP. 

Raid Battle is only available after completing Story Mission: "Chaotic Truth". And when another party is joining in the battle, all the party members' HP will show up on the left of the screen as "Secondary Party". Also, the result rewards such as Attacker and Breaker will be defined in each party. 

Summer Event

Limited time recipes are added at blacksmiths'! All the items fit the summer season! It's time to dress up your character and enjoy summer!

Available Period of Recipes: July 26 - September 13

Drop Period of Summer Shell: July 26 - September 6

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