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Create Your Original Room and Raise Monsters in Toram Online

  • 2017-10-17 17:13:32
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Hi, friends. We have waited a long time for the piece of new. Today, I will briefly introduce some details including Housing System, Pet System and so on. If you have interest in the game, please go on reading it.


It’s known to all that Toram Online is a FREE-to-Play full 3D MMORPG. There are no “Class Systems” in this game, so you have complete freedom to build and dress up your characters, create weapons and armors, acquire any skills you want. In order to become the master of the game, you may have the need to buy toram spina and toram gold, then I will introduce a professional website to you, which is gold.raiditem

Housing System can be available with a character of Lv30 or more, and requires 10,000 toram spinas (The currency in the world of Toram) to buy your land. The system allows you to build your own houses and gardens on your land. By collecting material points and items, you can use the items to build your house such as walls, floor tiles, furniture and more goods for interior accessories. By setting your land as Public Mode, other players can visit your land. If you have a garden on your land, stray monsters may visit your land. Then, you can tame as pets. Unlike going on an adventure, you can enjoy the game in peace.

Pet System gives you a chance to capture the monsters in the fields. After feeding and disciplining the monsters, you can treat a captured monster as your support on your adventure. Each pet has various natures and types and their growth relies on their potential. By raising your pets, they can learn special skills.

“Tamer Skills” is also a highlight in the game. The players can capture monsters in the fields and back up the pet during combat. Tamer Skills will be available after Lv30, and if you are Lv90 or higher, you can learn more skills in the skill tree.

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