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TOS News: Some Adjustments And New Enchant Options -

  • 2018-07-30 17:00:31
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It is announced by TOS officials that they want to make some changes to the gold statistics plan and make some balance adjustments to the new attributes of the dealer category development.


In today's news, the famous TOS Silver seller gold.raiditem will introduce some new Enchant Options and a couple of additional balancing adjustments to all players. Let's get started now!

Enchant Jewels

The official is launching a new item called Enchant Jewels. Enchant Jewels will drop at a low rate from gear items of Rare or higher grades when those items are dismantled. The Enchant Jewel produced will match the grade of the item it dropped from. This will apply to all level 75+ Rare, Unique and Legend equipment items.

Applying Enchant Stats

Enchant Jewels will be used to create new Enchant Stats for your equipment.

Generally speaking, higher-grade Jewels produce higher stat values. However, the only difference between each grade will be their chance of applying said values, which means it will be possible for Unique and Rare Jewels to generate maximum stat values as well. Enchant Jewels can be added to equipment of up to 10 levels above the level of the item from which they dropped. More details about some other features gold.raiditem will continue to take you to read, by the way, here you can buy the cheapest and safe and professional Tree Of Savior Silver.

Other Features

Any item can only have a maximum of one Enchant Stat applied to it at any time. This means that, if you use a second Enchant Jewel on the same item, the latter stat and values will override the ones applied by the first Jewel. Also, having multiple items with the same Enchant Stat will not stack the corresponding effects. Instead, only the stat with the highest value will apply.

Summon Class Changes

They will be changing the maximum HP of some summons to reflect a proportion of the caster’s own maximum HP. The exact ratio varies from summon to summon.

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