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  • 2018-07-31 11:41:09
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Tree of Savior officially announced that they are going to make some changes in the update which is going to be released today. You must thoroughly eager to know what surprises will new changes bring you. No rush. You'll be able to find them all in this revelation article.


In this article, will share all the information we know with you. For now, new changes include some events and new items. Therefore, TOS silver is very necessary. No need to be negative if yours are in shortage. You can buy TOS silver on our website at the cheapest price and get instant delivery. Learn more on our website if you are interested. Right now let's reveal those changes together.

Territory Wars Third Beta Test Closing

-The third official round of Territory Wars beta tests is officially closing on July 31. Remember to submit your feeback on the forums and participate in the GTW survey for additional rewards!

Klaipeda's Beach Bar Event

- Head out to Klaipeda's new Beach Bar for some summery treats and the most refreshing buffs!

- This event is open for characters of level 50 and above until August 28.

Feet On Fire Event

- Can you get the Fireball to the goal in only 15 kicks? Show off your skills for daily rewards!

- This event is open for characters of level 50 and above until August 28.

Bonus Season (Aug '18)

- Bonus Season is back! Get special buffs from Tree Root Crystals and double the rewards from Earth Tower!

- This event is open until August 21.

Goddess' Blessed Cube New Edition

- The Goddess' Blessed Cube is bringing out a whole new series of costumes and accessories for you sea-loving folks.

- This edition of the Goddess' Blessed Cube will be available until August 14.

Leticia's Secret Cube Removed 

- The current edition of Leticia's Secret Cube will be removed from the TP Shop during this maintenance.

- Keep an eye on our News page for updates on the next edition of the Cube!

There are lots of small changes didn't mention above. You can find them out while playing this game. That would make farming Tree of Savior silver in game more interesting. Enjoy your game and have fun. Feel free to contact us if you have anything to enquire.