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TOS New Summer Event Is Coming In August - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-08-06 16:43:07
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Dear Saviors, How are you? Not letting everyone down, the new round of challenges for TOS is coming again. You must be very looking forward to it, now let’s have fun.


New challenges join the hot summer celebration! Knock the fireball from start to finish and get fun summer toys. Visit the new beach bar in Klaipeda to get away from the hot summer days: cool drinks, delicious snacks and the coolest lovers! Today, the most safe and efficient Tree Of Savior Silver seller gold.raiditem will uncover the content and rewards of the Feet On Fire event!

Event Period

From the scheduled maintenance on July 31, 2018 to the scheduled maintenance on August 28, 2018

Who Can Participate: Characters of level 50 and above

How to Participate

STEP 1. Visit the Party Planner NPC in the city of Klaipeda to enter the challenge. The challenge can be entered solo and once per day, per team. Gold.raiditem is always the best Tree Of Savior Silver site.

STEP 2. Once inside, kick the Fireball around using short, medium and long kicks until you reach the finish area.

You will be given a maximum of 15 moves to move the Fireball from start to finish.

The challenge will come to an end when all moves are used up.

You can recharge the number of moves you have by kicking the Fireball over a lit Charge Crystal, charging your number of moves by +10.

The Charge Crystal will be turned off once used and it cannot be used to charge your moves for the rest of the session.

STEP 3. Upon completing the challenge successfully, you will receive a Summer Party Box. Buying TOS Silver at gold.raiditem with the most competitive prices. The Summer Party box will contain one of the following items:

- Fireworks x1 (consumable, movement speed +2, AoE attack ratio +1, EXP gains +25%)

- Pipe x1

- Braised Fish x1 (consumable, 100 attribute points on use)

- Prawn Gratin x1 (consumable, 100 attribute points on use)

- Blessed Shard x1

- Telescope x1

Complete the quest 20 times and you will be able to receive a Lighthouse Flashlight (cooldown 60 sec) from the Party Planner NPC.

TOS has not only been updated and adjusted this summer, but every update and reward gold.raiditem has been notified to all players in time. If you want to know more about TOS news, then keep an eye on us. Here you can still enjoy cheaper and faster TOS Silver with the best customer service.