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Come To Klaipeda's Beach Bar For Refreshing Treats - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-08-07 16:39:44
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The summer feast of TOS is always a surprise. Recently, TOS has brought a new summer event, you can visit Klaipeda's new beach bar to get everything you need to get away from the hot summer days: refreshing drinks, delicious snacks and the coolest lovers!


Klaipeda’s Beach Bar Event Period is From the scheduled maintenance on July 31, 2018 to the scheduled maintenance on August 28, 2018. During the event, people of level 50 and above can participate. You need some TOS Silver before you participate in the event. Would you like to visit the beach bar in Klaipeda as soon as possible and get a refreshing enjoyment? Just come to gold.raiditem to buy cheap and fast TOS Silver.

How to Participate

STEP 1. Login to Tree of Savior and start collecting that Magic Ice! Whenever you’re logged in, you will automatically receive 5 cubes of Magic Ice in your character’s inventory every 30 minutes for 2 hours.

STEP 2. Head out to any regular field or Hunting Grounds for a chance to get even more Magic Ice from defeated monsters.

STEP 3. Pay a visit to the Beach Bar in the city of Klaipeda (in front of the Fishing Spot!) and talk to the Bartender to exchange your cubes of Magic Ice for refreshing treats! You can purchase each treat 3 times per day, per team. Here’s what’s on the menu. In addition, a large stock Tree Of Savior Silver for sale at gold.raiditem.

BBQ Prawn Skewers (Magic Ice x5)

- HP +500 and SP +500 every 10 seconds for 30 minutes

Blue Lemonade (Magic Ice x10)

- Movement speed +2 for 30 minutes

Fresh Coconut Water (Magic Ice x20)

- Looting Chance +300 for 30 minutes

STEP 4. Become a regular of the Beach Bar for even more rewards! After purchasing the same treat 20 times, a permanent version of that treat is automatically sent to your inventory. Permanent treats are not consumed and can be used 1 time per day. Their effects are the same as the Beach Bar items, but with a 1-hour duration!

STEP 5. Enjoy your time at the Beach Bar for additional buffs! Relax near the Beach Bar tables for 1 minute to receive +20% EXP gains for 1 hour! You can receive this buff 1 time per day, per character.

Note: Beach bar items can only be consumed in Klaipeda, Orsha and Fediman. Their effects can be superimposed on other items. Permanent snacks can be used anywhere. Can you wait to visit the beach bar? If you have prepared enough Tree Of Savior Silver, then take the time to enter the game and enjoy the summer cool!