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Tree of Savior: Grateful Donnes is Arriving

  • 2017-05-11 17:38:13
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One of the most popular mmo games Tree of Savior just has released a new event, Grateful Donnes, which will run until the 23th of May. The event is due to the community’s success withe requests of Receptionist Donnes. During the event, players have chances to encounter a series of events, quests, and obtain reward every day. The daily quests can be found at the Mercenary Post.


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If you are in level 100 or above, then you are qualified to take part in the event, so hope you have chance to participate the event. Or you need the help of TOS Silver, just feel free to find the best at our site! To participate, all you have to do is receive Donnes Badges. This badge is earned every time you a player completes a daily quest from Receptionist Donnes from the Mercenary Post. After reaching a certain amount of badges, players can bring them to the Event Notice Board. This will earn players 2 different costumes according to the number of badges collected. For the Sprout Hair Costume, you’ll have to submit 5 times, which is 25 Donnes Badges. Collecting 50 Donnes Badges and submitting 10 times which will get you a Simple Costume Box. Only 5 Donnes Badges can be submitted at a time, so you’ll have to submit multiple times. Along with submitting, you get a 2-hour long buff that helps you gain 100% more EXP.

To read the more detailed info about the event in Tree of Savior, head on over to the official site! It is notable that each reward can be received only once per team, so make sure that you have are accessing the character you want to be rewarded. In the meantime, the badges will be completely deleted after the event is done, so make sure you submit before it ends. For those who want more TOS silver, is highly recommended! Here, you are able to Buy TOS Silver without any worry of risks as well as enjoy top service here!