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Gold.raiditem: Vindictus Appears A New Hero, Miri

  • 2017-12-21 14:16:25
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As Nexon announced that they have a new playable hero in the Vindictus named Miri. She’s a Draker and part of an ancestry. And mighty dragons gave her strength.


For those who want to know more about information about Miri, is a good choice, for we will update the latest news about the hero regularly. And you should buy Vindictus gold to help you move further in the game. And here are some details about the hero.

Miri uses a Dragonspire as her main weapon, and also has an array of deadly skills and strikes she can unleash on her foes, including Flamebreath, which can unleash dragon flames on enemies. 

Additionally, she can chain-link specials from the Flamebreath into other moves, such as using a dart-attack called Hot Streak, and Slice and Dice that allows her to consume Flamebreath by unleashing a massive charge attack. 

Miri has a projectile fireball she can use, along with being able to utilize Dragon Knight transformation to deal out massive damage.

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