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Fortuna Update Guide - Everything You Need To Know | Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-10-24 14:37:56
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The moment that all Warframe players have been waiting is almost finally coming. In this Fortuna Update guide, we'll cover everything you must know before this update takes effect.


Are you ready to learn about Warframe Fortuna Update? For now, this update is released faster than you expected. Be sure to read every point of it because this is the biggest update in Warframe history. Needless to say, welcome you come to gold.raiditem, where you can get everything you want including the cheapest Warframe Platinum.

New Node - Orb Vallis

The Orb Vallis map is expected to be around 4-5 times bigger than the previous open-world map “Plains of Eidolon”. That is big considering the Plains of Eidolon themselves are pretty huge.

Indeed, there has been some ranting against the Plains of Eidolons being too empty and grindy but DE has announced that with Fortuna update, everything will be less grindy.

It is expected that Venus will have its own content to exclusively farm this area for, too. The map will have at least 10 huge buildings, so there will be a lot of indoor and outdoor fighting in this area.

New Hub

A new area will be unlocked that will act like a hub between Orb Vallis and the people of Solaris United’s marketplace. It is basically a reskin of the Cetus hub but is expected to contain more content than its predecessor. Cheap Warframe Platinum for sale at gold.raiditem for Fortuna update, welcome to your visit!

The newer caves are said to have many more features including the ability to use the hoverboard to pass through them. Also, there will be lakes inside caves.

You need to have unlocked the planet Venus before you can play Orb Vallis. You can unlock Venus through the Venus Junction available on Earth.

New Bounties and Stronghold

Just like how Cephalon Simaris wants you to hunt down a specific target and track it with a Synthesis Scanner, several bounties will have you killing a certain amount of enemy a specific amount of times, wherever you like.

It is a kind of mixture between Simaris Daily Tasks and normal bounties but with more content hopefully. Be sure to check out other guide of warframe on gold.raiditem.


Speaking of Bounties, you now do not have to report through the gate and reset all progress when you complete a Bounty. Rather, there will be Corpus Strongholds located all around the Orb Vallis that you can conquer.

Conquering a stronghold will spawn an NPC that will grant you with new bounties and reward you for your previous efforts.

This is the most important thing we have learned. If you have completed the above steps, you are probably ready for the Fortuna update. If we miss something important that you think, please don't hesitate to tell us. What’s more, if you need to buy Warframe Platinum, don't hesitate to contact us!