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Four Warframe Guides on Nintendo Switch -

  • 2018-12-10 14:55:36
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If you want to use Warframe completely free on the Switch now, there are four simple options to optimize your Warframe experience on the Nintendo Switch.


It is no doubt that his is the perfect time to get the best free Warframe experience, which has recently entered the Nintendo Switch. In this article will share with you all 4 tips for optimizing Warframe on the Switch. By the way, the cheapest warframe platinum for sale at our site.

1. HUD Screen Sizing

When you first boot up the game, Warframe will ask you to size the HUD to match the corners of your TV. In most games, this makes perfect sense and it even places the HUD on the screen to give you the best possible view.

2. Turn Vibration Off

In Warframe every single action seems to set off this rumbling at full power. Whether using the Joy-Con Grip or playing in Handheld, leaving Vibration turned on will very quickly become incredibly annoying and off-putting as each melee attack, each pull of the trigger, and almost every action will rattle your palms to the bone. To truly enjoy Warframe, turn this off is the best choice.

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3. Set Crouch to Toggle

Warframe starts out with the crouch set as a ‘hold’ action, however given the shape of the Joy-Cons and the small size both of the buttons and how little space there is to press them in, this can be incredibly uncomfortable and awkward to perform. Switching this to a toggled option feels much more natural for gameplay and lets you hold the Joy-Cons in a much more comfortable way.

4.  Aim Assist On

Warframe is a game meant for tactical precision - you are a ninja after all - yet sometimes you need to take out your enemy from a distance. Sniping them from afar is one thing, but when you have to take cover and lay down suppressing fire it requires a steady hand and careful eye. Turning on the aim assist is a great way to pull the focus on narrative and exploration and give you that extra edge in combat for the less experienced third person shooter fan.

Please don't hesitate to tell us if you have any tips on optimizing Warframe on the Switch. We believe other players are also very happy to hear that. Also, if you need to buy warframe platinum to help you in game, please feel free to contact us, we always waiting for you!