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Preview Baruuk Abilities on!

  • 2018-12-11 11:16:30
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Warframe already announced that a new warframe called Baruuk is upcoming. However, there are not much information since they made that statement. Finally, they released Baruuk's abilities in the latest Devstream event. Therefore you can have a taste of this new warframe!

article can't wait to share these new contents with you. The new character is definitely wonderful and amazing and you can have a overall understanding of Baruuk today. For your information, you need to prepare enough Warframe Platinum for this brand new character. It's not too late if you start farm platinum form now on! Now, let's check what kind of surprise will Baruuk bring us!

First Ability: Elude

Cone of damage mitigation in front of you – bullets will pass right through you! Damage mitigation builds up his "Edge" (a placeholder name) meter. The higher your "Edge", the more damage reduction you are given as well.

Second Ability: Sedative

Radial sleep that ramps up sleepiness until enemies pass out. Lingers for a couple of seconds so enemies that enter AOE after cast will still be affected. Bonus damage on finishers on sleeping foes!

Third Ability: Subdue

Summons disarm charges that float around Baruuk. When enemies enter range, one charge flies out, dealing a small amount of damage and disarming the enemy. Charges can also "jump" onto Allies within range, giving them the charge to spend on a foe. Offers damage reduction based on the number of charges available, similar to Nova's Null Star.

Fourth Ability: Savage

Activates use of a fist exalted weapon that also drains from your "Edge" meter. Different combos can be used with different effects:

- Slide attack creates a radial lift, which we might be adding a slowing effect to.

- Block combo pulls enemies towards you.

- Forward combo ragdolls enemies back further and further.

You will definitely love this new character once it's released. will keep update the latest information of Warframe. If you want to learn more, then please stay tuned on our site. Besides, please feel free to visit our site if you need a place to buy Warframe Platinum safely and cheaply without any risk. We are very looking forward to hearing from you.