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Mesa Prime Access Arrives Warframe on December 18!

  • 2018-12-17 10:42:13
  • Warframe Platinum
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If you want to be the fastest gun in the system, then you must seize this chance with Mesa Prime. According to Warframe official website, this legendary gunslinger will come alongside plenty of other rare items you will need. You must curious about what kind of new features will Mesa Prime bring us. All the details will be revealed for you below.


Of course, will offer you all the new features you will get. Based on what we know, you may get kjagara Prime dual pistols, the long-awaited Redeemer Prime gunblade and more. So, it's time to prepare yourself and some Warframe Platinum for the following new features.

Mesa Prime Access Features

Mesa Prime: Cast a long shadow with this lethal enforcer. 

Mesa Prime Glyphs: Embody Mesa Prime with these Prime Glyphs. 

Akjagara Prime: Precision machined mirrored pistols. Primed and ready. 

Redeemer Prime: Deal out double-barreled death with this primed gunblade.

Mesa Prime Accessories

- Anten Prime Operator Earpiece 

- Respa Prime Operator Mask 

- Erlang Prime Operator Oculus

- Cholla Prime Sugatra 

- 90 Day Credit Booster 

- 90 Day Affinity Booster

Note: Mesa Prime, Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime Blueprints can also be earned in-game through Relics.

You can get all these items on December 18 once it's released. highly recommend you to get Mesa Prime Accessories if you can afford it. For your information, you can also buy Warframe Platinum from us if you really want these wonderful items. As the best seller, we offer you cheapest price, 100% safe instant delivery and top services. Please visit our site at any time if you need any help!