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Fortuna Part 2: The Profit-Taker Available Now in PC!

  • 2018-12-27 11:38:29
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Fortuna quite surprised all Warframe players since it get released. In order to make it more fantastic, developers released the major content on PC. This major content is Fortuna Part 2:Profile-Taker. Before you log in game an enjoy these new features and additions come alongside new update, you can have a preview of new changes below!

article will share the details of Fortuna Part 2 today. If you are interested in these new features, please check them out below. Besides, we highly recommend you to prepare enough Warframe Platinum before you start your new quest. Now, let's reveal the new contents. 

- Orb Heists: Take down the Profit-Taker with the help of your new Fortuna friends. To get to this content, you need to be at the Old Mate level of standing with Solaris United, so get to taking down some Taxmen, Tenno!

- Baruuk, the Reluctant Warrior: Use your abilities to absorb and reduce enemy damage. Beware when Baruuk loses his restraint, Tenno. He channels his anger into a flurry of blows!

- New Floofs: New wildlife additions have been made for conservationists:

Sawgaw - A rodent-hunting bird of prey!

Horrasque - With a face only an Orb-Mother could love!

Stovers - Proto-Kubrow aggressors! Watch out for Coildrives!

- New Helmets: For Nidus and Titania!

- New Weapons: Plenty of new armaments for you to play with:

Exergis - A Corpus, crystal-firing shotgun!

Plinx - A simple, battery-powered pistol with added pew-pew!

Galvacord - Not your average whip! It's got some kick!

Cobra & Crane - Baruuk's signature sword and shield has a sleepy surprise when in his hands!

- New Mods!

- New Operator outfits!

Of course this list only contains the major new features, the others features awaits you in the new patch. You can now jump in game and explore them now! hope you can enjoy and have a good time. If you need to buy Warframe Platinum, then please feel free to get some from our site with cheapest price and secure instant delivery at any time!