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New Update Arrives Warframe in All Platforms !-

  • 2019-01-07 11:08:47
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2019 is finally upon us now! According to Warframe official website, they are going to make a series of new changes in this amazing new year. For now, they are hard at work developing new content and fixes for 2019. With Railjack, The New War and a whole bunch of other goodies in the pipeline. And recently they announced the new update of Warframe officially!


As your best friend, is honored to share these details with you today. Based on the information we know, there are something truly worthy expecting. We will reveal the new update changes for you below. Please check it out. Besides, you are highly welcomed to buy Warframe Platinum from us with the cheapest price with 100% secure instant delivery. Feel free to seek help from us if you are in need.

Swithch Migration- Ending Jaunary 15th at 2PM ET

For those of you still waiting to migrate your PC accounts to Switch, the migration window has been scheduled to end on January 15th, at 2pm Eastern Time. This is a good opportunity to get in as many resources as you can, but bear in mind that there are some items that will not transfer over when you migrate.

All Platforms- Updates Incoming!

Warfrme announced that there will be upcoming fixes and updates across all platforms. Some of these updates and fixes will include:

PC - Developers are currently working on hotfixes for reported issues. They will be continuing to work on future content development alongside these fixes. Stay tuned for more information on what is to come!

Switch - Fortuna is coming soon! Currently it's in the process of preparing a build for submission, as well as fixing the reported issues with Fashionframe. If you are waiting for Fortuna, make sure you are stocked up on Materials and Credits!

PS4 and XBOX - Fortuna Part 2: The Profit-Taker is being prepared and getting ready to be certified. Soon you will be able to take on the most dangerous enemies in Fortuna, along with a new Warframe, Baruuk, and even more conservation targets! The Floof game is real!

Plenty of new contents are in full store for Warframe in 2019. Please stay tuned on for more Warframe news. In addition, cheap Warframe Platinum in stock on our site. You are highly welcomed to visit our site at any time when you are in need.