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Guides on The Best Mods in Warframe -

  • 2019-01-23 12:22:30
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Anyone who has played Warframe can tell you that the progress of this game is all about mods. A lot of mods can turn a humble weapon or Warframe into a powerful threat. Of course, all players want to know which mod is the best. In this article, will tell you the best Warframe Mods guide we know.


Choosing the best mode is not as easy as it seems. There are plenty of weapons, Warframes, and other gear to choose in your game. So you have to use your own judgment to determine which mod is right for this situation. Whenever you need some warframe platinum to help you, gold.raiditem always provide the best game products for you.

What are the best mods in warframe? Read on.

1. Streamline

Warframe abilities are often more specialized than weapons, so there are fewer universally useful mods for Warframes. That said, there are a few that are almost always good to have. Streamline, a mod that reduces the energy cost of using your Warframe’s abilities is one such example. Depending on what your Warframe’s abilities are, you should also have mods that increase their ability strength, duration, or range, such as Intensify, Continuity, and Stretch, respectively. These mods are more dependent on what aspects of your Warframe’s abilities you want to optimize.

2. Aura

Next, you absolutely want to find Aura mods for your Warframes as soon as possible. Not only do they grant extremely useful powers to your Warframe, like the ability to regenerate energy or reduce enemy armor, but they also increase your Warframe’s mod capacity, giving you even more room to optimize your Warframe further.

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3. Ability Augment

Finally, consider checking out the Ability Augment mods available as Standing rewards from your Syndicates. These Augment mods are very specific, strengthening or even outright changing certain abilities of specific Warframes. Though they aren’t as widely applicable as some of the other mods on this list, the huge effect they have on gameplay can make them a worthy investment all the same.

In the Best Warframe Mods, we mentioned here are some of the most widely useful. However, with a little effort, you’ll find your own favorites among Warframe’s vast library of modifications. More useful warframe guides will be come soon. Just keep your eyes on gold.raiditem if you want to buy cheap warframe platinum, we will never let you down!