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Warframe: Defeat The Returning Acolytes for Great Rewards

  • 2019-01-29 10:01:37
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It's thrilling for Warframe fans that the Acolytes have returned to the Origin System!According to official website, Acolytes is back by popular demand. However, this beloved challenge is only available in a limited-time. So, you'd better hurry up and act before it slips away. All details are revealed below.


Based on the information knows, Acolytes will also appear on Nintendo Switch. Although it’s the first time you can fight against it on Nintendo Switch, it will never disappoint you! Now is the time to band together and form Squads to show the Stalker's minions how inhospitable the Origin System can be for enemies of the Tenno! Besides, don't forget to farm Warframe Platinum in case you meet any challenge.

Acolytes will appear randomly on the Solar Map so you'll need a keen eye to spot them when they emerge from hiding. Act quickly and track down the Stalker's minions to receive exclusive rewards for you and your fellow Tenno!Darvo also couldn't let a potential business opportunity pass him by, so he's offering discounts on the Acolyte's weapons! The full list of discounts is as follows:

What Stalker Bundle - 600 

Angst - Venka 131 

Malice - Opticor 168 

Mania - Lasera 131 

Torment - Akvastos 165 

Violence - Destreza 131

When wielding their Weapons isn't enough, it's a good idea to get a bobbing reminder of your hunt for the Stalker's minions with Acolyte Noggles! Below is the details of Acolyte Noggle Pack. 

Noggle Statue - Torment 

Noggle Statue - Misery 

Noggle Statue - Violence 

Noggle Statue - Malice 

Noggle Statue - Angst 

Noggle Statue - Mania

Remember the event is only available before February 1. If you want to join this event, then you need to act now. In addition, will keep updating the latest Warframe news for you, please stay tuned on our site for more. You can also buy Warframe Platinum from us with the cheapest price with top services. We'd be honored to offer you help.