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Warframe: Update Your Toasters For Upcoming New Contents.

  • 2019-02-18 15:56:01
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Warframe officially released some new contents in The Remote Observer last week. This time, developers are focused on the Toasters and PC changes. What will new contents bring us? Will they affect your game play? All details will be revealed for you today!

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Toasters- New Recommended Specs

Before we get into the fixes though, I need you to be aware of the new Hardware Requirements that are coming into effect. As many vendors have ceased support for older OS installations and components, developers have had to update what they can officially support. You should consider an update if you have any of the following:

- Any 32-bit Operating System (or any Windows OS older than Windows 7 64-bit)

- DirectX 9 and older video cards

- Anything less than 4GB of RAM

- Any Server Hamsters older than 2 years

While this is not to say that Warframe will suddenly stop working in all cases, developers will be unable to support your issues if you do not meet these minimum requirements. 

PC - Flavored Pickles!

Yesterdays updates saw some fine additions to the PC but here are a couple of notable changes that should make you as happy as a Juggernaut on Pherilac Pods!

- Operators get code helmets!: Fixed an age-old bug where an Operator would get concussion if getting knocked down when using transference. One less opportunity to get locked out of powers, and needing a dirt-nap before you could get your act together!

- K-Drive Tinkering: The Vent Kids have been working overtime and squashing a few "performance" bugs, namly face-planting at terminal velocity when using the Quick Escape Mod, or unclogging the nozzles on that Trail Blazer Mod. Hard to stay glinty when you are eating dirt on a cold board.

- Now you can @ whoever you want!: If your name contained a period (.) then you might have felt a bit lonely. Now you can @ anyone with a period in their name. Period.

Lunchtime drinking has been forbidden on Earth Defense tilesets - Grineer and Infested alike are a bit more aware of their surroundings, and will actually walk towards Tenno and defense targets, rather than stumble around on boxes and perform chin-ups on scenery.

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