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Warframe: Empyrean Update Reveal - Gold.Raiditem

  • 2019-07-08 17:18:50
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Dear players! Gold.raiditem will show you the new Warframe expansion, Empyrean. Empyrean includes spaceships named Railjacks, customization, crew support, and new end game currencies as well as cross-squad missions, co-op, nemesis enemies, and high octane space battles. If you have a strong desire to boost higher level but there's no time and energy to play, then you can buy warframe platinum at gold.raiditem.


Enlist a four-player crew to hijack, scavenge and sabotage across the Origin System. Contact ground teams for support, steal enemy ships, explore ancient ruins, assassinate kingpins and get rewarded for your missions into deep space. As the most important currency in warframe, warframe platinum allows you to buy a lot of things in the game.

Dynamic Situations: During your missions, you’ll need to take into account additional hazards to complete your mission successfully. The TennoLive demo showed off Void Storms that can disable equipment, boarding parties that can breach your Railjack and an Infested ambush deep within an ancient Orokin ruin.

Signal the Squad Link: Transcend beyond your solo objective and tap into a larger mission by reaching out to other squads of Tenno using the Squad Link. In multi-objective missions from space, players can call up active players on Fortuna or Plains of Eidolon (or vice versa) to help the bigger cause -- lower enemy ship shields, steal valuable data, and more, as the New War looms.

Customize and Upgrade Everything: The Drydock is your Railjack’s personal space hangar. Upgrade your battleship’s Equipment, Cosmetic, and Reinforcements with weapons such as the Auto-Cannon, Pulse Laser, Homing Missile Launcher, EMP Stun weapons, and Decoy Countermeasures. Boost your Shields, Engine, Hull and Stealth using resources found during your voyages. Beautify it all by customizing aesthetics from primary, secondary and tertiary colors and accents. And of course, christen your ship with a custom name emblazoned on the Railjack’s hull.

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Kingpin System: Enemies have started to adapt to Tenno lethality, and from it, kingpins will emerge. More information coming soon.


Wukong Prime Access is available now on all platforms! The primal trickster Warframe includes the devastating Zhuge Prime crossbow, the fluttering Ninkondi Prime nunchaku and more.


Shown off in action during the Empyrean reveal, the next two Warframes are the turbo-charged Gauss and the eternally insatiable Grendel! Stay tuned for a full reveal of their abilities and release dates.


Using a completely re-written rendering technology (“Deferred Renderer”) in its proprietary Evolution Engine, Warframe’s graphics have never looked better.

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