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Warframe Guide for How to Mine in New Update - Warframe Platinum with 10% Bonus

  • 2017-10-18 17:34:39
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As the previous post say, the latest update of Warframe, Plains of Eidolon has brought mining, new race and weapon to the game. For players who still are confused of how to utilize the new feature and mine, here I will share with you some basic guides.


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You head to Earth and go to Cetus. Then from here, go to the market center place of the Plains of Eidolon and take up Bounties to earn and accumulate Ostron standing points. 
You will need 500 Ostron points at max to get a hold of a Nosam Cutter from Old Man Suumbaat.  

In the Gear section, you need to equip the Nosam cutter before going out. The whole point behind this tool is that it uses enhanced cybernetics to locate nearby “materials” and “ore veins”, and has a chance to retrieve rare Eidolon gems.

Take these steps to mine:
First, check out the left site of your HUD and get to know how many materials or resources are in that exact area via icons displayed.
Second, check out the right side of your HUD, you should see a number in meters detailing how far you are in distance from the nearest resource.This is helpful if you like to use the audio the tool emits and the number of meters to pin-point the exact location of whatever it is you are after.

Third, make sure to keep an eye out for color patches. For instance, Red patches are minerals and metals that are used for crafting. The Blue patches are gems and happen to be used for increasing standing points.
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