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Warmane: Are You Ready for Joining in Alliance?

  • 2017-06-21 17:17:08
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Warmane has launched its first Burning Crusade called Outland on 20th May, 2017. According to Proterean, they are trying a few faction balancing measures in order to ensure quality of gameplay on Outland in the past few years. In addition, they have designed a temporary package of perks for Alliance players. Have you joined Alliance?


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How long Alliance faction perks will hold?

Alliance faction perks will last until August 1, 2017. you can enjoy your game in the Alliance.

What things will be added?

Alliance faction perks will bring something new as the following:

Free Apprentice Riding and Expert Riding skills
+50% reputation gain on kill of targets that provide reputation (1.5x)
+50% experience gain (7.5x)
+50% honor gain (1.5x)

The Warmane team said: “While it is not planned, perks may be paused at any time as a part of measures of achieving long-term faction balance as we monitor statistics and analyze trends on an hourly basis.

We strive to provide our community the best realms they can desire, with highest regards to quality, security and stability. Part of this promise is to make our realms as enjoyable as we can and resolve any problems we face, whether those problems are incidental in their nature or created by players' preferences.”

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