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World of Warcraft Has A New Brawl

  • 2017-09-07 18:09:19
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According to the official news, we can know World of Warcraft added a brand new brawl, which aims to help players prepare to head into Tiger's Peak Arena for the Shadow-Pan Showdown. You can know some features of this new brawl in the following contents.


Blizzard announced players would be able to elect their rolls with the new brawl. Then head into a queue as a tank, healer, or as one of the three damage dealers that are available. Teams will be battling for the control of a center point, before unleashing the opposition team's boss. BTW, if you want to play better, you also need to buy some in-game products such as WOW Gold US, warmane gold, etc. Gold.raiditem is definitely your best choice.

Keep in mind that only one of the bosses is able to be active at a time, with whichever team that manages to defeat the opposing boss being declared the winner. Going forward, a new PvP Brawl will be added for those who are looking to try and mix up their World of Warcraft experience now and again.

For every Brawl that is added, there will be a number of modes, rules and scenic alterations to the typical Battleground experience, which can be found in the Player vs. Player tab with the Group Finder tool. As with usual Random Battlegrounds, players will be rewarding for emerging victorious.

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