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Warmane Gold - Top Free Horde Level 1-40 Guides

  • 2017-09-18 18:17:18
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All starting areas provide enough quests to go from level 1-10. And you can go to Westfall at level 10, seeing as how the trip there isn't to time consuming. Since the horde are more spread out I will send each race to a specific location. And if you want to speed up your progress, you can also buy warmane gold at gold.raiditem.

There are 2 options in Level 20-30. You can either head to Stonetalon Mountains or you can make your way to Ashenvale Forest. Both will provide quick leveling. If you seem to have trouble finding quests after level 25.

Here the questing spots are plentiful! Head to any one of these areas. Choose any of them. Arathi Highlands: Some quests, great xp, get from 30-35 here easily, maybe higher if you look for the quests. If you can't make it to 40, move on to one of the other locations.

Desolace: Great spot for some quick quests. Getting from 30-40 here is difficult so I would recommend going to one of the other listed areas at 35.

Alterac Mountains: There are few quests scattered around this map. Enough for 3-5 levels. Go here if you want to level in peace, as no one comes here.

Stranglethorn Vale: Alliance dread STV. It should be horde territory. On my Alliance guide I don't recommend coming here, but on this horde guide, go for it! Get from 30-40 with no problem at all.

It is easy to achieve level 40 if you can follow the above guides. Anyway, hope you can enjoy your game time. In addition, gold.raiditem will keep on updating others useful game guides for you. And don’t be hesitate to buy warmane gold with more discounts here!