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Gold.raiditem: What Can We Expect for World of Warcraft: Classic in 2018?

  • 2018-01-05 15:52:12
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Since Blizzard had released the World of Warcraft: Classic server trailer, all the WoW players are waiting for its coming. However, the official didn't release more details. What can we expect for World of Warcraft: Classic in 2018?


Considering how withdrawn Blizzard has been about the announcement that they're working on official vanilla servers, it would be crazy to expect WoW: Classic in the next year. You must have played World of Warcraft in others private servers, such as warmane. And if you want to buy warmane gold, gold.raiditem can be a good choice.

Maybe we can know how exactly Blizzard plans to implement a return to World of Warcraft as it was back in 2004. There's a lot of concerns players have, and it'll be interesting to see how committed Blizzard is to rebuilding an authentic classic experience. Executive producer J. Allen Brack also said Blizzard wants to reproduce the game experience that players could  enjoy from the original, classic WOW.

Still, that's a long ways off. If you're a dedicated player, there's far more pressing concerns—after all, Antorus, The Burning Throne has only been open for a month at this point. The lull between expansions is always a drought for hardcore players, but the new level-scaling will hopefully give you a reason to go back and start that class you've always dreamed of playing. Until Battle for Azeroth launches, however, 2018 is likely going to be a quieter year for World of Warcraft.

As we all know Blizzard has shut down many private servers that vanilla servers worked by players. And the official World of Warcraft Classic server is in development. Stay tuned more related news at gold.raiditem. BTW, the full stock of wow gold us and warmane gold for sale here. Big bonus waiting for you!