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Key Clues about Warmane in 2018 and Latest Changes to Indicate New Gameplay

  • 2018-05-02 16:32:53
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All we know that Warmane is one of the most famous private server for World of Warcraft. If you never hear about it before, but show great interest on it now, then we collect some important things you shouldn't miss in 2018. And the details include XP,  Random Dungeon Finder, Global Chat, Gearscore and so on. Surely you can check out more fresh news about Warmane by visiting server's site.


Whether for newbies, or for returning players, choosing a safe place to buy warmane gold is always important. And there is no need to waste time and energy to find such a site as is ready to help you without cheats. Now look at what we prepare for you today.

1. XP gain are much higher
XP gain is greatly increased. Unless you are playing on Warmane server, Lordaeron, all XP gain is greatly increased. And in case of Warmanes' Wrath of the Lich King servers, which are the most popular servers, the XP multiplier is times seven.  A couple of differences you will notice is that you level up professions easier, and more expensive NPC items become easier to obtain, such as Artisan Flying, due to the fact that vendor prices do to inflate at the 5 times level.

2. Random Dungeon Finder aren't worth it
Coming in at number to, the Random Dungeon Finder is hardly ever used, especially during the leveling process. Because of the XP multiplier, questing is a much faster way to level up than doing Random Dungeon Finder, the Random Dungeon Finder. In retail, Random Dungeon Finder was perhaps the most popular way to level up. But because of the multiplier, this is no longer the case.

3. Global Chat Is Your Friend
At number three, Global Chat is your friend. In Warmane there is a default channel called Global. It is similar to the trade chat that is used extensively in retail, but you can be joined to it all the time, not just when you are in the city. This channel is the life blood of the server, and nearly all players look for groups or people to add to groups through global. It is trade chat on steroids. You will easily be able to find raids and dungeon groups through global.

4. Gearscore Is Stressed A Lot
Gearscore is something that also would be used in retail. The Warmane takes it to a whole new level. Almost every time someone is looking to make a group in global, they will post the minimum Gearscore they will accept. You cannot tell your Gearscore unless you have your add-on to do so. If you don't want to go through the trouble of getting the Gearscore add-on, you can always ask someone to check for you.

Warmane Latest Changing Features:
G'eras will now sell Primal Nether
Fixed Smelt Elementium
Fixed model for Sironas
Fixed on cast procs proccing even from spells that shouldnt trigger procs
Fixed druids being able to gather herbs while not on ground level
Fixed training dummies being immune to rogue poisons
Fixed guardian pets not being subject to glancing blows
Fixed exploit that allowed hunter pets to maintain buffs when entering arena
Fixed charge movement prediction causing players to enter terrain
Fixed zone buffs not being removed on logout when in an instance
Fixed self inflicted damage not being resistable
Fixed cast bars not being visible if cast is started while stealthed
Fixed a scenario where players could path beneath terrain while feared
Fixed wand sound becoming permanently stuck when interrupted by another spell
Fixed defensive procs activating while sitting if an ability and an auto attack land at the same time
Fixed npcs being unable to resist holy damage

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