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The Ruby Sanctum Is Scheduled to Be Released on May 30 - Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-05-24 17:44:31
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The Ruby Sanctum is the red dragonflight's sanctum within the Chamber of Aspects beneath Wyrmrest Temple in Drangonblight. It is a raid dungeon with both 10 and 25-player normal and heroic modes. Now according to the leatest news from Warmane official site, it may be released on Lordaeron on May 30, 2018.


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The dungeon's release was delayed until patch 3.3.5a was released in Europe, a week after the US release, in an effort to make sure all players world-wide could access it at the same time. Even so, a large number of both US and EU realms were down for a 24-hour maintenance when the raid was opened.

Some time after the Shattering, the Twilight's Hammer invaded the Ruby Sanctum in order to corrupt the eggs within. Korialstrasz was forced to destroy both himself and not only this sanctum but all of them in order to stop them, leaving nothing behind except traces of the energy used to destroy them.

The Ruby Sanctum was eventually rebuilt and used to store the very last red dragon eggs and whelps there would ever be. This was probably done before the Dragon Soul raid, as after that the dragons became sterile. Either that, or the eggs existed before the raid in other locations and the sanctum was rebuilt to keep them safe after it became clear there would be no more.

The Ruby Sanctum is scheduled to be released on Lordaeron on May 30, 2018. So far it is not clear what will be added to Ruby Sanctum  exactly. But as long as you are interested in it, pay much attention to it as you there won't be so long for you to wait before May 30.

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