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The Ultimate Guide for How to Get WildStar Gold

  • 2017-10-31 17:32:08
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In WildStar game, most players are looking for methods to get WildStar Gold, the premium currency in the game. This article will give you some suggestions for how to get more WildStar gold.


Except that, I believe many veterans prefer to buy WildStar gold rather than spend much time on farming gold via doing daily quests or something else. Anyway, let’s take a close look at the guides farming WildStar gold. Gold.raiditem is always your perfect choice if you want to buy Wildstar gold.

First, kill various mobs and trade. Remember to kill everything that moves and avoid competition, so that you can sell mobs via AH. This requires you have a good knowledge of the average prices for most of the items on the wildstar market. It is best for you to have character that never leaves the Auction Hall and be able this way to have a quick peek at the prices at anytime.

Second, level a crafting profession to its highest tier, you are able to make WildStar gold personally. However, this will allow you to craft equipment needed by most of the players. One of the best crafting profession to get is jewel-crafting because the jewelry items are almost as good as the end game jewelry drops and players usually buy these from the Auction Hall. 

Also players choose Legendary Items as weapons and the blue item sets from raids so having another crafting profession wouldn’t be as good as jewel-crafting. The higher the skill you get, the better the materials you can gather. And, the crafting professions will make items that players need, or want, for their toons.  

Third, try to buy WildStar gold from Instead of investing much energy to farming Wildstar gold, you can select a trusted store to buy gold to experience the best part of the game. You have chance to play with the elite players if you have a better position in this game. Besides, this site provides the 100% safe and fast WildStar gold for game fans. Are you one of them?

Hope this article is helpful to you! It is very wise of you to search some guides and tips for Wildstar game, since you will have more advantages than other players. Just like other mmos, the currency like gold is an essential part while playing the game. When you don’t have enough spare time to farm WildStar gold, why not choose gold.raiditem to buy Wildstar gold? We own the most reliable team who aims to offer our customers best help while playing games. So try cheap WildStar gold now!