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  • 2018-06-26 17:58:08
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WildStar is a fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It takes place on the fictional planet Nexus.


In this game, every gamer needs WildStar Gold to buy runes, equipment, handcrafted cushions, decorations, AMP, APU or anything else of value. Earning gold in this game does not seem easy at first glance because it is implemented in an appropriate way. Today, will introduce five quick ways to get WildStar Gold in this game. 

1. Try To Get The Highest Medal In Each Challenge

If you get the highest medal, you will increase your chances of getting the items you want. These things can be sold at the auction house. Remember that some challenges can only be awarded a medal.

2. PVP

PVP can improve your level, but you always get a PVP contest bonus package. If you win, you will get a bigger reward package. These bags can be used for PVP, equipment, and even decorative items and can only be obtained through PVP. So if you want to earn some coins, PVP can help a lot.

3. Don't Repair Your Housing Plugs

In a way this is saving money, but can still pay off in the end. Some plugs don't offer any benefit at all except for looks. So there is no point in repairing those when the time is up on them. Don't repair a plug that you can buy cheaper elsewhere. Lastly, you should maintain plugs that have multiple tiers, like resource spots. It's not worth the cost in replacing them. have also prepared a large stock of WildStar Gold if you don’t have enough time to gain gold.

4. Sell Your Services

If you are a good tank, you can sell yourself to give players runs in dungeons that have proven to be difficult. Same for healers, or even guild groups who can help players get the items they need in raids.

5. Buy From Gold Seller

There is no doubt that buying WildStar Gold from the seller is the easiest and quickest way. You can search for the keyword "WildStar Gold" on Google, then there appears a list of gold suppliers, just choose and compare.

In any case, the above method can help players get faster and easier return on investment. Of course, this requires time and effort. If you don't have enough time, choosing to buying WildStar Gold is also a good choice. We will provide you with the cheapest WildStar Gold and the safest service.