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WildStar: Challenge the World Bosses for Wonderful Rewards- Gold.raiditem

  • 2018-07-06 15:44:29
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The biggest and baddest monsters called World Boss appear in the WildStar world. It's time to take them down for the peace of this beloved world. Besides, you can get extra rewards for a limited time every time you or your party slay a World Boss. This boss hunter challenge is only available during July 6 - July 9. You'd better hurry up.


It'll be a big fight to slay these strongest bosses, and you may want to buy WildStar gold in case you can't defeat them. It's well-known that with huge WildStar gold in stock, you can get quick upgrade and become powerful. And as the best WildStar gold seller, make it cheap, fast and safe to buy it online. Check more details on our website. For now, you may more eager to know how to participate in this boss hunter event.

World Bosses allow groups of players to take on formidable foes for high-end rewards, but you don't have to be in a coordinated raid to jump in. Anyone can attack a World Boss and reap the rewards, so just head out and start hunting. During the event, every time you or your party slays a World Boss or Legendary Champion, they have a 100% chance to drop a new Shiny Token you can turn in at a vendor in your capital city, along with a lockbox key. Normal creatures you find throughout the overworld of Nexus have a small chance to drop a Shiny Token as well, so it'll pay to get some other questing done during the event, too.

You can continually kill each of the World Bosses if you have the Progenitor Access Particles needed to respawn them. And luckily for you the number of Progenitor Access Particles needed has been lowered for the duration of the Boss Hunter Challenge. Additionally, Legendary Champions will be spawning much quicker during this event.

That's all details you need to participate in the event. Now, it's time to reveal those fantastic rewards for you:
- Gold and Service Tokens
- Primal Essence Pack: random chance of 100, 250, or 500 Crimson, Cobalt, or Viridian
- Stop and Go Dye
- Tribal Hoverboard with flair
- Tribal Costume
- Moody Moodie Mask pet
- Dancing Moodie NPC Décor
- Moodie Totem toy
- 24 "Carrots" toy

Hurry up and join this event immediately, because it's only available in a very short time. Don't miss it. Remember to prepare enough WildStar gold to assure your strength. And of course gold.raiditem is the safest place to go if you want to buy it instead of farming it without fun. Feel free to visit our website and contact us, we will be extremely glad.