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Notice: Please DO NOT give your WoW Gold back to the people who asked you give back.

There are many bad guys pretend to be our guys to cheat gold in the game, when the gold trade was done, they set a familiar char name with our trader and ask gold return for some reason. Please just ignore this kind of guy if you met.since they are not the real traders, they are crooks.

Three delivery ways of WoW Gold:
1. Trade from Action House. Need you put blue/purple color items in Action House for a buyout price. We will use gold to buy the items, and you could get gold 1 hour later after we bought.
2. Face to face trade. We will trade with you in the game in Stormwind(Alliance) or Orgrimmar(Horde), but that you be online for trade in time.
3. Mail. We could mail the gold to you in the game, and you could get the mail gold about 1 hour later after we mailed.
When you got gold, please use it As Soon As Possible!!

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WOW EU News more

Classic WoW Server "Vanilla" Has Been Announced to Return with New Features

In the history of World of Warcraft, there were many big or small servers that had ever attracted gamers' attention so much. "Vanilla" was one of them, which left a deep impression on most wow fans. Now a good news for you: Vanilla will come back.

Unveil Hidden Artifact Appearances & Get WoW EU Gold Fast!

In World of Warcraft, you may try some artifacts that are very different WoW's art works you have seen before. As some special types of weapons coming out in WoW, artifacts can be clearly divided into two groups: the visible artifacts & the hidden artifacts.

Look Forward to Few PVP Brawls and Win Rewards From October to November!

Every other week, a new PVP Brawl will be available to players looking for something just a little different. Each Brawl will offer a variety of modes, rules, and scenic changes to the usual Battleground gameplay, and you'll find them in the Group Finder tool in the Player Vs. Player tab.

WOW EU:World of Warcraft Server Are Going Through Hit!

Welcome to wow gold eu daily news sharing column! Here gold.raiditem would like to take you a shocking news about Blizzard's WOW server. Blizzard Entertainment, as an American video developer and publisher, has created many game server and World of Warcraft are included. However, its WOW server is now experiencing Server issues. That's not a rare case on WOW, but on other popular games including Overwatch and Heartstone too. Reportedly, DDOS Hack should be responsible for such troubles.

WoW EU: Make Your Schedule on Guild Preparation for Next Expansion

World of Warcraft: Legion as the major version currently, has been gradually comeing to an end. Once Legion finishes its periodic mission , it will be time for wow players to think about how to welcome a new stage. And for guild leaders and officers, they need to start preparing the guild and the guild bank for a new expansion. As a reputable wow gold eu site, gold.raiditem indeed hope soemthing can be beneficial to players in this period.

Blizzard Shut Down WoW Server Felmyst After 5 Hours' Launch

Previously, a new and unofficial project was designed to bring back the classic World of Warcraft Legacy. Though the Blizzard didn't approve of this small server, Felmyst still gained a lot of supporting voice from fans. However, just 5 hours after being announced to launch, Felmyst has sadly beed shut down by Blizzard.

World of Warcraf Legion Caused A Great Discussion

World of Warcraft has embraced its patch 7.2.5 which features several notes. We have talked about the other edition World of Warcraft Legion. And with the comping of Tomb of Sargeras, wow players flock together to express their ideas about the expansions.

What's Bonus Can WOW Gold EU Players Get From Gold.raidtem?

Since the Blizzard Entertainment created World of Warcraft (EU), It has quickly taken up the game market, and successfully caught players’ attention. As one of the most famous MMORPG in the history, WOW creates many legends for fans. Heroic dreams never stop so that wow EU gold will maintain the best item whenever players meet new challenges.

Several Funny WOW Events Deserves Your Attention

WOW has set to hold many interesting events this month. And 2 days ago, we have give you a detailed review for Children’ Week Event. Well, there are more funny events make their ways to the following days in May.

WOW EU: Review for Children's Week in May

Have you ever thought about the identity of WOW players? Do you know what does the past 10 days mean for some young children? Here gold.raiditem would like to share you a moving campaign—Children's Week in May held by WOW EU.

Gold.raiditem Shows You the Riddle of the Mind-Seekers

We have known the new patch of the World of Warcraft, and many new features need player to adapt to. Well thousands of them come to locate the hidden pages scattered across Azeroth from Uldum to the Well of Eternity in April. How about their riddle of the Mind-Seekers?

Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras Arrives on March 28

Are you looking forward to World of Warcraft's 7.2 updates? As the title, The Tomb of Sargeras will be officially launched on Tuesday, March 28, which is the biggest update to the game. Being an MMORPG game, it is centered around Experience Points and trying to boost your character's levels and skills. So you should buy wow gold eu to strengthen your character.

Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.