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When Will World of Warcraft's Next Expansion Come?

  • 2017-08-18 14:27:55
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I believe all the world of warcraft players wonder to know when World of Warcraft's next expansion will come. However, Blizzard doesn't give any official announcement. I have read a report about World of Warcraft's next expansion on Now, I want to share some details with you.


We all know gamescom 2017 will come next week. Thus the report said maybe Blizzard would announce the World of Warcraft's next expansion at gamescom 2017. Please read the original post here! And if you want to buy WOW Gold US with a lower price, gold.raiditem must be a good choice.

What if Blizzard announces the next expansion at its gamescom panel on Aug. 22?
The timeline
Blizzard very well may announce the next expansion that soon. The timing is right withLegion's end so close, and it would fit the precedent the company set two years ago. Not to mention, announcing it there would give Blizzard plenty of time to spin up a more in-depth reveal at BlizzCon this November, which is essentially exactly what happened in 2015.
It may be time to get hyped up, because the next expansion, whatever that may be, could be right around the corner. This guess isn't just constructed of pipe dreams and tinfoil hats, though. It's an educated prediction, and we're not the only ones thinking it.

Since Legion's first patch late last year, Patch 7.1, every patch has been exactly 77 days after the last, according to Taliesin & Evitel, a WoW news YouTube channel. This means that content releases in the current expansion have been following a strict schedule. This is a good thing, because one of the biggest problems with the last expansion, Warlords of Draenor, was the lack of new and interesting content. To combat that in Legion, it seems Blizzard set a specific schedule to dish out new content in waves. It's worked pretty well, but this schedule may not be simply for patches. It may also hold true for the future of WoWitself.

If Blizzard sticks to that schedule for Patch 7.3, which will be the largest patch in Legion'shistory, next week's gamescom would be the perfect time to reveal new information about the very end of Legion itself. Why? Because gamescom will occur mere days before the next set of 77 days is up.
Of course, Blizzard has already revealed a ton of information about the end of Legion, so it's very possible that gamescom will be used for the next expansion instead. It's also fair to say that the company is generally very good at doing the exact opposite of what players expect, so we may be totally off base. After all, Blizzard really loves surprises.

If it doesn't happen at gamescom next week, we could also make the assumption that BlizzCon would be the catalyst for the big, shocking reveal of the next expansion. Oh, by the way, BlizzCon would also be only a couple of days before the end of another 77 day cycle. It's almost as if that was done on purpose.

The Void Lords and their Old Gods are coming for Azeroth
As it turns out, the next expansion may actually be that close. Blizzard has been dropping clues to set up the next big story since the very beginning of Legion. The hints are everywhere, and it seems like the WoW story will be more than ready to move on immediately following the conclusion of the current expansion.

If you've played as any Horde character, you've seen the opening cinematic for the expansion, in which Sylvanas is made the new warchief following Vol'jin's death. Most people expected either Baine Bloodhoof or Lor'themar to become warchief, both tried-and-true candidates for the position. Vol'jin didn't even expect to name Sylvanas warchief, as she's known to be conniving and deceitful, with a history of treachery. His reasoning behind it? The "spirits" told him to. This alone wasn't a hint, but it throws up several red flags.

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